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$5/oz. Silver?
Yes, five-dollar an ounce
silver is still attainable.
Read this special briefing now to learn how to throw a net over this rare opportunity…
Time is almost up! In this exclusive report, you'll learn how you can still "catch a break" as the new upleg of this historic precious metals bull market gets underway – even as most of your friends and neighbors watch their own shrinking greenbacks buy less and less…

Dear Alert Investor:
A widely recognized expert on silver, David Morgan began investing in stocks and precious metals as a teenager. He obtained degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering. Author of the book Get the Skinny on Silver Investing, he has devoted more than 30 years to educating investors on opportunities to protect and grow their wealth. In addition to advising private clients and fund managers, he writes Money, Metals, and Mining, covering economic news, the global economy, currency debasement, and stellar opportunities in precious metals and mining stocks.
Gold and silver have had an amazing run, quadrupling in price the last eight years.

But the truly big money in the precious metals bull run is still ahead – as much as 80 or 90% of the profits could be there for the taking. The public mania phase has not yet begun!

This time-sensitive Special Briefing gives you three "legs up" over the vast majority of precious metals holders.

It gives you the latest on how to position yourself now for the coming public mania phase of precious metals. Information you won't find anywhere else. When you are done with this exclusive briefing, three things will be true that probably are not true now:
  1. You will gain a detailed knowledge of how to take full advantage of serious wealth creating opportunities in money, metals, and mining. The profit opportunities are IMMENSE, but only if you know where to look.

  2. You will know the very latest on critical precious metals investment mistakes. Costly blunders that far too many investors commit and exactly how to avoid them.

  3. You will have taken a major step to fast-forward past the normally very expensive "learning curve" when it comes to navigating the tricky but lucrative field of speculative precious metals investing.
This document puts you on a path to making all three objectives true by tonight. No B.S. No hassles. No surprises. It's my way of thanking you for working through this critical briefing with me. You need and deserve no less.

My name is David Morgan, and I am proud to be associated with Lee Bellinger's publishing company, which produces the sensational newsletter Independent Living – now 53,000 paid subscribers strong.

About two years ago, Lee and his company's president, Stefan Gleason, noticed that I had a very successful strategic $10,000-a-year investment service for high-end precious metals and hard asset investors. They convinced me to create a special print newsletter edition of that service available only to Independent Living subscribers for a very low price. That's how Money, Metals, and Mining was born.

So… how would you like to board the profit train with the rest of my subscribers, for a chance to accumulate what could become a life-altering amount of personal financial wealth?

Let's Start With an Exclusive Report – For Your Eyes Only
Let me be straight up about this so that there are no misunderstandings later. This Exclusive Report is not for thrill seekers.

I am very sorry, but get-rich-quick artists are not my cup of tea. If that's what you're looking for, please put this Special Briefing in the paper shredder now. I selected you to receive this briefing because I'm confident that you understand one thing – smart value investing involves due diligence, hard work, and focus.

If you are such a person, you have found a friend, a community, which means you stand above the crowd and are willing to take action when others are unsure. Because my findings are ONLY for that growing community of smart investors who seek to opt out of the national folly of the endless paper money printing going on in Washington. And in a deliberative, safe, and reasonable way.

People like us, who are determined to step up for their family to protect the value of their assets from the dwindling purchasing power of the dollar. People who have the deepest commitment to making a fortune the proven way: By having the knowledge and the timing savvy to buy low and sell high.

This is a Charter, one-time opportunity for those who are fed up with Wall Street's boom-and-bust cycles… and who are sick and tired of seeing their wealth eroded by the Fed's unrelenting assault on our currency.

Enormous opportunities for gain await those who know what they are doing and how to make them real. This is not a time for guesswork. Or wishful thinking. Or expending your precious financial resources on any one of many dangerous investment schemes out there.

Every time you see the "latest" news on when to "buy" precious metals or related investments it is at the WRONG TIME! The current market conditions are present once every 30 years! Which means if you have what it takes and truly desire to take the actions outlined – in a few short years you will be known as a buying at the bottom. To the best of my knowledge no one else is pounding the table NOW – when it is of maximum benefit to you.

Good – you're still with me… thank you for braving my blunt talk, because weeding out unserious people is an important success principle to me.

Imagine for a moment that despite the topsy-turvy environment most investors find themselves in today, you are able to see the next big moves in just three key sectors – money, metals, and mining.

Picture yourself moving forward with laser-like foresight. Knowing exactly the highest-probability-of-success steps to take.

With a proactive, not reactive stance. One that decisively protects what's already yours and dramatically grows your assets in the direction of attaining fabulous wealth.

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to a service that has done precisely this for over ten years with uncanny accuracy – my monthly, subscriber-based service, Money, Metals, and Mining.

As editor-in-chief, I invite you – under very favorable terms – to discover the wealth-building power of my newsletter. Each issue is like having money-making opportunities practically knock on your door. All you have to do to get started… is answer that knock!

And when you give me an answer to the question I pose at the end of this Special Briefing, I will rush you a completely FREE set of my sought-after Wealth-Seeker's Precious Metals Quick-Start Collection – part of a major bonus package of tremendous value (a whopping $210 retail value) that will get you up to speed fast.

But first, I know you are the kind of person who insists on proof when claims are made. So here's the story behind my special Charter Offer, reserved just for you as an Independent Living reader…

The Winds of Vindication Confirm
My Newsletter's Profitable Predictions
Adding value to your experience as a precious metals and hard asset investor is what I do. I am very proud to be accorded this level of trust by my readers.

Helping people become precious metals investors and avoid the pitfalls of this boom market is my passion and life's work. People who opt out of the dollar with at least some of their money are heroes to be celebrated, not pigeons to be plucked.

People who make the decision to invest or speculate in the precious metals frankly deserve to be treated with respect.

My readers are part of a larger community of "show me" skeptics. The kind of smart, savvy individualists that America needs more of. I have been in the precious metals field for decades and can't stand the rise of charlatans who rip off the unsuspecting with get-rich-quick deals that seldom work (except for those peddling them, of course).

Gold versus Silver
Which has superior dynamics from
a purely investment perspective?
  • Silver has every attribute of classical money that gold has – that "safe haven" status.
  • Silver is better recognized as money on a global basis, not just in North America.
  • Silver has industrial demand, and most of those applications are price-inelastic; that is, demand is strong regardless of silver's price.
  • Silver is now scarcer than gold in terms of above-ground supplies.
So long term, silver really does have
a better investment profile than gold!
When it comes to smart precious metals investing, I am "guilty" of being quite obsessive with details. Every prediction my team and I make is the product of deliberative due diligence. No detail too small. No unnecessary risks.

And I follow my own advice, too. My subscribers deserve no less than to have me in the trenches with them.

My network of researchers and I work overtime to be worthy of our readers. Our newsletter, for example, accurately predicted that any bounce from Obama's bailouts and stimulus spending would have short-lived benefits and minimal impact at best. (After a record amount of deficit spending by the feds, fourth quarter 2012 U.S. growth actually showed a contraction!)

In recent months, the contents of our Money, Metals, and Mining newsletter have resulted in frequent requests for me to provide updates on precious metals for Fox Business News, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, major conference organizers, and respected alternative financial news outlets, including the Financial Sense News Hour.

For three decades, my professional life has been wrapped around becoming an avid student of money, metals, and mining. My burrowing down into these subjects has made a real difference to my readers.

My community of subscribers is demanding and I would have it no other way. They follow my extensive travels and carefully pore through my intelligence briefings. Because they know that my reports are the product of hands-on, personal investigation into the nooks and crannies of scores of mines and exploration properties worldwide.

My personal on-site investigations include expeditions to scores of gold and silver mines, copper, diamond and coal mines, platinum/palladium properties, and even lithium mines!

All of which is why my personalized advisory services are very highly valued and priced accordingly. They are intended for a very limited group of precious metals mega-investors.

You can, through this limited time Charter offer, get much of that same information at a fraction of the cost by subscribing to Money, Metals, and Mining! More on this later.
My Best Thinking Is Now Available to You –
at a Price That Makes Real Dollars and Sense
But… today I want to tell you what I've just done to make my exclusive research findings available to you – including my proprietary "Wealth-Seeker's Precious Metals Quick-Start Collection" – a set of up to 9 major free bonuses I'm eager to share with you.

Reading (even) just one issue of Money, Metals, and Mining means the opportunity to make up for lost ground in the gold and silver bull markets… to safely position yourself for the continued decline of the U.S. dollar… even to buy silver for the now untouchable price of just $5 an ounce (more on this in a moment).

You've never seen anything quite like Money, Metals, and Mining. It clues you into specific, highly-promising plays in gold, silver, and other metals – exactly the sort of hard-asset investments that are destined to soar in the current economic and political environment.

Before I detail all the benefits that a subscription to Money, Metals, and Mining brings to you, let me ask you this:
JOIN US If You Answer YES to These Two Questions
  • Do you agree with me that the U.S. dollar has proven to be a lousy store of value?
  • Do you agree with me that the dollar is at severe risk of collapse under the triple threat of runaway government deficit spending, unreformed Social Security and Medicare Ponzi schemes, and massive Federal Reserve money printing?
The Morgan Report on Money, Metals, and Mining

If you answered "Yes" to both of the above questions, then you already possess the foresight you need to preserve and build wealth. These are the precise factors that virtually assure further explosive growth in the value of precious metals and other hard assets over the coming years.

The information contained in every issue of Money, Metals, and Mining will help you solidly position your portfolio in order to capitalize on this explosive growth.

You can take advantage of the same information and insights I offer by phone and in person to my high-net-worth private clients… at a fraction of the cost.

New Fortunes to Be Made in Metals and Mining! You Still Have Time to Grab Your Share
Securing your financial future is primarily about two specific things: anticipating the major trends in the markets, and then owning the correct investments, in order to benefit from the trends that the evidence shows will manifest.

Whether the forecast you get is for good news or bad makes little difference. As long as the analysis is generally accurate, you can get positioned to come out way ahead. Money, Metals, and Mining has proven this point to its readers time after time.

This whole story (and the opportunities for investors with foresight and a willingness to act) goes back to the unfolding tangible asset boom, sparked initially by global shortages in key commodities – then accelerated by the horrific and ongoing devaluation of the U.S. dollar in response to economic weakness and uncontrolled deficit spending.
I've Been Helping My Subscribers Weather the Current Economic Mess… Now I Am Inviting You to Join Us.
For thirty years, I have been focused like a laser beam on studying the economics of hard money, immersing myself in financial history, and conducting both technical and analytical research on precious metals, base metals – and more recently, lithium and rare earth elements.

Frankly, becoming a newsletter editor was not my initial intent. My motive, I must confess, in studying these markets was purely self interest – to nurture and grow my own personal portfolio.

The result? Let's just say… it's worked out quite well! I've been called a "mega-successful investor whose exclusive clients have reaped millions of dollars from following [my] sterling investment recommendations." Nice words, but what probably matters most to you now is – how did my clients and I do it? And how can you participate in the next wave of success that lies just ahead?

More than almost anything else, I attribute my investment results to being able to cut through all the hype that so often surrounds precious metals start-up mining operations. My goal is to find the best opportunities in gold, silver, and other metals – and then to identify the small handful of "penny stocks" whose share price that has the best chance of mushrooming into staggering profits.

It's this consistent and disciplined approach that's resulted in my being called "America's leading specialist in identifying highly-promising, wealth-creating opportunities in mining stocks and hard-assets." My track record includes these results:
  • I first recommended Silver Wheaton (SLW) at around $5 per share. It has since soared to as high as $47. In 2012, this stock was up 22% while silver was up approximately 10%. Who says that the mining shares have not kept up with bullion?? Note: this is not true of all of our picks – but SLW was featured as a TOP PICK throughout 2012.
  • Yamana Gold (AUY), one of my "dark horse" picks, rose over 400% after I added it to our Top Tier Portfolio. Even with the recent market corrections, this stock is still up well over 300% from the entry point at which I first recommended it.
  • First Majestic (AG), a once-obscure silver mining stock, shot up more than 600% in just a few years, with more gains to come. We stuck with this pick far longer than some "others" but we knew it was undervalued. The market finally agreed with us and all our subscribers that followed us into this stock at $4.00 are still happy.
Taken together, my subscribers who followed these three recommendations are now enjoying a whopping 450% to date in overall gains!

My newsletter has a track record of identifying top metals and mining stocks, well before the broader market catches on. These picks have made my readers literally millions of dollars… now it's your turn!
How to Buy Silver for $5 an Ounce and Catch Up Fast with Investors Who Jumped into Precious Metals Years Ago
As you know, silver has been trading above $30 for most of the last two years. While pull-backs can and will occur in this long-term bull market, you and I almost certainly will never see silver prices in the single-digits again, unless… you buy it while it's still in the ground!

Yes, I'm talking about investing in carefully selected mining stocks. Doing so has the potential to get you into silver or gold (or platinum and palladium) at similar prices to those paid by investors who saw the explosion in the precious metals market while it was still over the horizon several years ago!

And make no mistake – you can see gains in your mining stock investment many times greater than the gains the metals themselves enjoy.

But investing in volatile mining stocks requires extraordinary levels of research and due diligence – the very areas of investment analysis where I have focused three decades of effort. I know which mines not only own below-the-ground silver in the $5 and at times far less, but are also best positioned to profitably extract that silver as the market goes up, up, and away!
It's Better to Profit from Folly than to Participate in It
The Morgan Report on Money, Metals, and Mining
I leave it to others to chase fads or follow the herd. Instead I live by the investment adage that one should "profit from folly rather than participate in it." A big reason I am writing you is because even individuals of modest means can, should, and must position themselves to benefit from the folly going on around us!

The most important point today is that precious metals are reasserting their historic role as money. This is because the global fiat dollar system continues to sink, rapidly approaching crisis mode. This is a game-changing, make-or-break trend that you must absolutely understand and then be willing to act upon!

Each monthly edition of Money, Metals, and Mining is jam-packed with hands-on, practical ways to make big money on all the folly unfolding around us. In fact, I am about to tell you how to get a fully guaranteed trial subscription to these information-packed monthly editions of Money, Metals, and Mining – an opportunity that at this time is available only to pre-qualified candidates such as yourself.
You Will Get Advance Notice of an Asset's Mega Growth Ahead of "Smart Money" Billionaires
As my existing clients know well: Major hedge funds that hold gigantic gold positions now appear to be moving into the silver market as wellthe very move I have been recommending for years.

Probable new silver buyers include Thomas Kaplan, Paul Tudor Jones, Greenlight Capital, and some noted billionaires. (In fact, I have taken numerous calls recently from hedge fund types seeking my insights on silver.)

Don't get me wrong. I like gold – and you can bet Money, Metals, and Mining fully covers the gold market – but I'll also show you the compelling case that silver's fundamentals are even better than gold's, and that silver at today's prices remains severely undervalued.

Silver remains a sleeper investment – so far…
Now Is the Time to Position Yourself to Take Advantage of These Ahead-of-the-Curve Predictions
The emerging mega-boom in silver is but one component of the profits to be made in the broader arena of hard assets.

In addition to silver, I am intently following other exciting investment areas – such as the emerging boom in rare-earth elements. Their use in modern technology has increased dramatically even as a single country – China – holds a virtual monopoly on the highest grades of rare-earth metal supplies, as well as the facilities for producing them.

Right now, our research is focused on these particularly bright opportunities:
  • Rare-earth metals – vital components of high-tech applications like super-conductors and hybrid cars – are set to go ballistic now that China has gained a stunning hammerlock on 97% of global production. Fortunately, there are still attractive ways to participate in this market, and my newsletter will show you how.
  • If gold rises toward $3,000 – and perhaps well above – as predicted by many noted experts, I believe silver will rocket past $100 per ounce (silver's 1980 nominal high of $50 per ounce translates to $143 in today's inflation-adjusted dollars). And that's a conservative projection, using only the government's own deliberately understated inflation data.
  • Silver looks destined to move (at first!) 7 – 8 times higher than its current price.
  • We're also profiting from other resource opportunities, many that are not subscribers think we only look at the precious metals but we have help our readers in energy, drilling, copper, coal, and various valuable opportunities.
I've cultivated deep connections throughout the resource sector. My newsletter was one of the first to report the fantastic investment opportunity represented by rare-earth elements.
Here Are Two ‘Beneath the Radar' Precious Metals (and a Mining Stock) to Round Out Your Portfolio
There is a subset of precious metals, much more rare and much less well-known than gold and silver… but with a powerful profit profile in their own right! Collectively known as Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), the two most prominent… and for our purposes, interesting for their profit potential, are – platinum and palladium.

Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. Along with its cousin, palladium, its primary use is – for now – as a critical component of automobile catalytic converters. 90% of the world's supply comes from just three countries – each having "issues" which have lately begun to raise the question, "Will PGM supply shortages lead to a price explosion?"

Combine the many new uses in industry, medicine, science… with explosive new investment demand – and we may be looking at a PGM price moon shot every bit as powerful as the coming one in gold and silver!

Could the developing price trends of Platinum and Palladium give us an "early warning" as to the next big up move in Gold and Silver? And is there a PGM property mining stock that could help us make that kind of outsized gains? You bet! More on this a bit later…
Even Hardened "Gold Bugs" Need to Guard Against Buying Too Much of It!
Now some practical advice. Here's my assessment of gold and silver and how these metals can be used in concert to both preserve and build your wealth.

Gold is a great store of value. But you're doing yourself a disservice if you own only gold. Why? Because silver has the advantage of explosive appreciation potential. Silver is far less expensive per ounce than gold. And when you buy it, you're still holding – just like gold – a legitimate form of money that holds real purchasing power, unlike fiat money (paper money with nothing to back it up) or even shares of stock.

One of these days, every one-ounce gold coin you own could be worth $2,500… $3,000… or more. How would you use that to pay for groceries… or put gasoline in the car? Gold just isn't always practical to use as currency for smaller, everyday exchange. Silver, on the other hand, is far more convenient for most transactions. As the dollar continues to unravel, more and more Americans are going to see the need for an alternative form of money, and common sense suggests they'll choose silver over gold.

Back in the mid-1970s during the first oil embargo, our offices were in Los Angeles. Two private gas station owners in the area set up pumps that would accept payment in silver coinage. When oil is scarce and dollars are nothing but paper, it's easy to see why energy dealers would want to get paid in real money. Can a large-scale repeat of this scenario be far off?
The Exclusive Methods I've Developed for Cashing In on Government Folly…
The Morgan Report on Money, Metals, and Mining
Like what you've heard so far? Well keep reading, because I have more critical insights to share with you – steps to take now that can make you very well off once the gold and silver mania finally hits the radar screens of the general public.

Readers of my original research and exclusive reporting learn wealth-creating tricks such as: How to play the gold-silver ratio. While silver is likely to outperform gold by a wide margin, I will let you in on a little-known strategy that can double your gains, by simply switching some of your silver holdings to gold (and back again) at particular moments. More on this potent play in Money, Metals, and Mining.

I'm sure you've seen ads from newsletter publishers who attempt to pass themselves off as know-it-alls. Well, my approach is quite a bit different. The world and everything in it is in a constantly changing mode. Instead of trying to be a know-it-all, I am a "Learn it All."

I typically work up to 14 hours a day if that's what it takes to keep on top of what's happening in the precious metals markets, the mining operations – even keeping track of the price manipulation at the hands of certain large institutions. That means I'm on the Internet, on the phone, on a plane – or on the ground at one of dozens of mines that my team members or I personally visit on an annual basis.

I study every detail I can get my hands on, or lay my eyes on – right down to on-site visits with mine owners, managers, CFOs, and geologists. These visits take me or members of my research and analysis team to remote locations in South America, Asia, Mexico, and locations across Canada and the United States.

I've probably seen more mines in my lifetime than is the case with most of the mining professionals I interview and learn from while literally getting my boots muddy. I can honestly say that I'm one of the few newsletter editors for whom a hard-hat and steel-toed shoes are essential elements of my business attire!

I began my own professional career as an engineer for Rockwell International in California, so I speak the language of scientists. And because I've seen the financial documents of so many mines, I know what probing questions to ask. I'm very good at uncovering things that sometimes – shall we say – don't quite look right.

Equally important, I look at mining and precious metals, not as a world unto themselves, but within the context of the larger economic overview. I am devoted to staying 100% up-to-date, so I can keep a big-picture perspective on how economic and monetary matters affect money, metals and mining.

While many analysts in the investment community seem to have tunnel vision –focusing narrowly on their particular area of expertise – my training in the Austrian free-market school of economics tells me that the reckless policies of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve are leading inexorably to a currency crisis. My concerns about the workings of the monetary system underpin all of my investment recommendations.

And when I occasionally make a less than stellar call (none of us are perfect – or even close!), I put it front and center in our newsletter. No equivocation. No defensiveness. No excuses. An occasional bad call is an opportunity to learn, both for myself and for my readers. More times than I can count, in my conference presentations and in print, I've said "NO ONE knows more than the market does. It and it alone is ALWAYS right!"

Frankly, in terms of creating success in investing – and in life – I place character and integrity on equal footing with hard work, resolute determination and clear thinking. Not to mention, having lived through the previous precious metals bull market.
The Deterioration of the Greenback Can Put Real Money in Your Pocket, Big-Time!
Let's talk for a moment about the fact that hedge funds and other smart-money operators have begun to pile into the tiny silver market en masse. My research on this topic has put my readers well ahead of the herd. That's because for years I've carefully charted how silver's industrial uses – as well as mushrooming investment demand – are steadily increasing.

Lately, I've been telling my clients that silver is positioned for unprecedented gains. I am giving you what amounts to an early "heads up" on an emerging super-boom before silver's fantastic fundamentals come to the attention of the general public.

Silver, in addition to its role as money dating back to biblical times, is a front-and-center essential asset for modern economies. It's "a metal for all seasons." Consider these key, ahead-of-the-curve insights on silver that readers have gained from my newsletter in recent months:
  • Insight #1 – Silver is an in-demand, critical component in cell phones, computers, and all electronic systems: Silver is the best electrical conductor known to man and is an excellent thermal conductor as well. That's why small amounts of non-recoverable silver are in most every electronic device made today – from mobile phones and laptop computers, to digital cameras, MP3 players and iPads. As India and China (with a combined population of almost 3 billion) continue their headlong rush to raise their living standards to that of the West, industrial demand for silver will only increase.

  • Insight #2 – Silver is a "must have' component in energy technology, including solar cells: The reflective characteristics of silver make it a central component of the still embryonic solar cell sector. It takes staggering quantities of silver to produce one gigawatt (GW) of solar power – a big deal as utility-scale solar power farms are just beginning to pop up. Jessica Cross of the VM Group told the London Bullion Management Association that the annual demand for silver-based solar technology will expand by a whopping 15% per year going forward, and could reach 130 million ounces per year during the period from 2014-2020.

  • Insight #3 – Silver uses are exploding in the field of advanced medical technology: Medical applications involving silver have been around for decades. According to Independent Living newsletter, scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory at the University of Tennessee have found that silver nano-particles have better antibacterial properties than antibiotics produced from synthetic chemicals. NASA's website confirms it has been using silver purification technology in its spacecraft for years. Recently the Scottish government's health authorities began using silver-based products in their hospitals to halt dreaded, antibiotic-resistant MRSA infections. A full list of silver's proven medical uses is simply too long for this Special Briefing.

  • Insight #4 – Silver serves a unique and vital role in water-purification technology: The FDA has approved adding silver to bottled water to help kill bacteria – a major under-reported story if I ever saw one! Many industrial-level water purification systems require silver, and this backdoor federal approval opens the floodgates for silver's application in municipal water purification plants. The worsening global potable water shortage and numerous pending development projects suggest that international and domestic demand for silver in water-purification technology will continue to skyrocket around the globe, regardless of economic conditions in the U.S.

  • Insight #5 – Silver's value as a component in safe food handling is without peer: Silver is increasingly used in the global food supply chain to ensure purity and cleanliness. Major food processors use silver-tipped cutting instruments for meat processing with parallel applications to milk and cheese manufacturing, nut butters, and the baking industry. Even tray tables on some commercial jets are covered with anti-bacterial silver laminates to prevent the growth and transmission of bacteria among passengers.

    The official outlook for food hygiene and water purification applications? By 2020 – a projected need for 90 million ounces of silver per year.

  • Insight #6 – In a world awash in paper assets that are losing value every year…Silver is REAL MONEY: Investment demand for silver has been accelerating in the past few years. It's now set to explode, as the public sees that the real value of their assets is shrinking, and scrambles for alternatives to the U.S. dollar and other fatally flawed fiat currencies. To put a figure on just one aspect of this, in January 2013, investment demand for American Silver Eagles totaled over 7 million ounces, caused the U.S. Mint to run out of blanks twice… and set an all-time monthly record in the process!

    It looks like Mr. and Mrs. America are finally waking up to what's going on. With off-the-charts demand this strong, it won't be much longer before the price of silver takes off for the heavens… and never looks back!
How to put all this information to use? As readers can attest, my newsletter delivers reliable expertise on trading precious metals, futures, and mining stocks. Very simply, the insights in each monthly issue of Money, Metals, and Mining will help you become wealthier and wiser.
ALERT: Here's an Early Indicator
of a Breakout in Silver and Gold
Earlier, I mentioned another precious metal or two that often give us an "early warning" as to how and when the silver and gold charts will look when they too begin their "Big Breakout."

I'm talking about platinum and palladium. And right now, today, what is going on has HUGE implications.

Over the years, my experience in trading the precious metals markets (as well as the technical analysis I've conducted) has shown me that two platinum group metals (PGMs) – specifically platinum and palladium – often begin their next bull market moves ahead of silver and gold. On a chart they look stronger and sometimes even move into new intermediate highs, while silver and gold are trading sideways to down… and that's what's going on right now!

According to some sources, above-ground gold is 30 times more plentiful than platinum. Platinum and its cousin palladium are mostly used in commercial applications for automobile catalytic converters. But increasingly, many new applications in industry, medicine and health fields are being found.

And when added to a very robust investment demand – via individual purchase of bullion coins and rounds, ingots, and jewelry – you have ALL the makings of a violent tug of war between the supply and the demand side of the pricing equation.

Platinum generally trades at several hundred dollars per ounce more than gold. For a year or so this was not the case, but lately platinum has regained its "top dog" spot over the yellow metal.

With PGM supplies and production levels heading toward 12-year lows, we are about to see some real fireworks.

As one widely-followed PGM analyst recently remarked: "In terms of demand, the price CAN go up. In terms of supply, the price MUST go up!"

I Want to Tip You Off to the Platinum Group Metals Company with the Potential to Rise 500 - 1000%
In addition to watching the price trends of platinum and palladium for clues to the timing and shape of an upcoming silver and gold price spike… Money, Metals, and Mining could help you latch onto an undervalued miner holding one of the largest and rarest PGM properties outside of South Africa.

Here's the chart of the company that members of my research team have visited several times, who know the management well, and have written extensively about its progress for the last several years…

This company has two PGM properties in North America – one of which has been described as "a world-class deposit." The other is fully-permitted and could potentially be producing the metal very soon.

Notice in the chart above, the rocket launch to $6 after going public in 2011, and the retracement in share price to less than a dollar, even though the project has delineated MUCH more platinum, palladium, and nickel mineralization than was originally the case!

A possible contrarian play with a LOT MORE potential UPSIDE? Yes. Our readers had this speculation right "out of the chute" so to speak, but the opportunity still exits, as prices "coil" into a tight sideways formation, a big upside price breakout may very well be in the cards.
When Making Recommendations,
I Leave NOTHING to Chance…
Of course, even with advanced knowledge of the full potential of industrial and precious metals , only a fool would dump money into any investment (though many do) without understanding its particulars. But with meticulous hands-on research and no-nonsense assessments, you can position yourself to see profits that most precious metals mutual funds won't be able to touch by investing in carefully chosen stocks poised to benefit from the rising prices of hard assets.

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